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Meeting Kindred Souls

We met L and her family earlier this year, in a really dark time for us.

They lifted all of us up, gave us the shining light of hope and helped with understanding how our world was shifting.

This is a beautiful new friendship.

The world truly is made of magic…

And then she was 5….

oh my heart

time, you are a bittersweet thing

you hurt, you exhale, you fill me up x

New Beginnings

We’ve moved home. We’ve moved in our hearts. We are 100% ready to take the jump and have some new adventures.

This year has been such a crazy one.

And we are finally riding on top of a wave.

I know there will be many dips and rising again. But we’ve finally taken the plunge.

Home-schooling is a go.

Simple Living.

Listening, Talking, Respecting. Meeting each others needs the best we can.

Moulding a business to reflect how it looks in my heart.

Keeping my soul alive.

Travel. Oh Sweet travel. It’s booked. We have the chance to be wild and free for 6 months! 6 months. Dreaming so much.

We’ve said some goodbyes.

Not everyone gets in.

They don’t have to.

I think we’re finding our own way home.


Lazy River Days

A few weeks ago we ended up down in the local gorge for a play with this beautiful mama and her cub. Some days you just need your feet in the water and the soothing words of another beautiful soul who just gets it. Well, she just gets me. We’ve not known each other long in the grand scheme of things, but when you find a kindred spirit, you hold on tight!


The Teggin-Bridson Clan

This beautiful clan got together for a shoot as a surprise for someones big birthday.

They humoured me and took a walk into the countryside.

They played and laughed and just did all the things that bond families. Totally at ease.

Cousins, brother, sisters, parents and smalls.

This is what memories are made of.


The honest picture


The days go by, as they do. Some up, some down, all rich with the nuances of fitting so many souls desires and needs into one space at a once.

And I am a victim to comparison as much as the next person. On social media to fill my time as I feed, or sit at the train crossing, or in a stolen minute hiding behind the bathroom door, sometimes desperate sometimes for a connection to the world outside of the daily hubbub, or soothed again by inspiration and camaraderie when its most needed. But I do start to slip back into feeling as though everyone else has it sorted. That although they write of the harder things, look their square still shows a beautiful view.

And I sit on the good days, feeling on top of the world. Feeling blessed and beautiful and whole and growing and strong and literally ready to take on the world. Full of plans and ideas and vision and soul.

But as life tends to. The dip comes. It comes unexpectedly. It comes when its most inconvenient. Always when I’ve committed to something, when the work is needed, when the hours are required, where its late and I am on a schedule, when there are more demands than the already mountainous climb of parenting the way that we choose to. All in.

And so I want to show the truth of those moments too. When the business work is as high as the ceiling, when your mind is racing with words to get out. When there are clients waiting and waiting so patiently. But the baby is teething and then gets sick. When for 4 nights in a row you are sleeping on a roll mat beside the babies crib just so you can fit a hand through the bars and rub their bellies all night.

When your other small needs you more too, when they are feeling the strain of all the change.

When you haven’t spent a moment with your partner for the best part of the last month and its starting to show.

The tiredness sets in and our beautiful parents offer to have the babies so that you can get on top of things. But you know despite all the love in the world, its just not what they need for these few days.

Those moments.

All is as it should be. They’re just ordinary trials for every person on this earth. But they are there. And that is how it is.

I love our life. I love them. I truly, am happy. I see the beauty in the best of times as well as the tired of times. It will all get done. There isn’t any drama. It just is.

It just is.

Hold on to that.

breathe in.

breathe out.

It just is.



These Hands

There is something about hands. They just get me every time. Something about their strength and their tenderness at the same time. Pulls on my heart. This here is what life is about. The soul of love. That arms bring you into this world and hopefully there will be arms to help you on your way at the end. It makes me feel mortal, but also so much less afraid. Just the beauty of the Universe.


Summer Loving – The Hawkridge Family

I am so honoured to capture this beautiful family each year. To watch as the girls grow and change, to capture and document their evergreen love and bond. Mum and dad are doing such a perfect job, letting them roam wild but teaching them the world, loving on them as every child deserves. I am the lucky one. Each year these images are always at the top of my favourites….

The Acorn and The Wind Series


These two. My babies.

Two entirely unique souls.

One like the wind. The other a deep root of the earth – an acorn.

Both entirely magnificent.

This series hopes to capture the nuances of each. To reflect and record.

They are already who they are.

Erin is my air child. The Storm. The Wind. The chaos and all the beautiful fury. The Stars, the Raw, the Beacon blazing. All the magic of the universe already bound tight in one little body.
The Dancing Wild. The purest Happy. The Oldest Soul.

A Supernova of Love and Lessons and Feeling.


Noah is the Earth.

The Root.
The Anchor, the Strength, The Calm.

The Lighthouse, the Peace. All Knowing, but full of Light and Humour.

Uplifting and Nurturing and Whole.

He knows everything is already perfect. He is a Smile in a Human body. All the different kinds of smiles.


My Root, My Storm.

The Acorn and The Wind