wild raw capture of life and love and all the in between
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Wild. Untameable. Beautiful.

This is a home for expression. For honesty. For truth. For creativity and motherhood and thoughts and all the parts of feeling alive. I’m going to write. Capture memories. I will hold space for you, wide open. I believe in building each other up. Lets build a tribe and ground to stand upon. Together we will capture what makes your soul ache. How you’ve been forged. How coming out the other side, rising from ashes, finally shedding off the parts of you that were no longer needed has created something of such incredible raw beauty. You. I will capture the bits that were broken, and show how you’ve moulded those pieces into something greater than ever before. That there are battle scars, beautiful bittersweet memories, love, desire, grief, I want to show the bones beneath the skin. Show it in all its absolute breathtaking feeling. Raw. Unpolished. Wild. Show the parts of you that proved brave when you were afraid, capture the heart of your dreams and your hopes. You. Your family. Your babies. Your Loves. Every thread in the tapestry you are so gently and so strongly weaving.